I had ordered flowers from Tunisia flowers for my husband’s birthday as a surprise. In fact, I was also sweetly surprised at their promptness in delivery and design of flowers. Keep the good work going!



My friend was ill and hospitalized. I was wondering what to take along with me to cheer him up when I chanced upon this get-well bouquet from flower Tunisia. Believe me folks my friend was so pleased with the flowers and has returned home after a speedy recovery!



My friend delivered triplets and I wanted to meet her with something unique. I ordered three bouquets all looking the same in all aspects. I was initially apprehensive about how it would turn out but cheers to flowers Tunisia for their amazing designs and capability to deliver according to the customers’ expectations.



I ordered this special bouquet from flower Tunisia to be decorated with hearts and teddy bears for my date on Valentine’s Day. I also specified that I wanted the order within 2 hours. I got the bouquet delivered at the exact time and location and of course, the bouquet was marvelous! My date was so impressed that we are due to be engaged in a week!  Thank you people.



A very close friend passed away and I wanted to give him the perfect send off with some memorable flowers. You gave the best ever wreath and I can now be assured that I can trust you at all times to meet my flowery needs.




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Helping someone deal with the loss of a loved one is never easy but When the road gets rough, nothing matters more than your support. Let them know they are in your heart with an uplifting gift
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